10.09.01   Wall Signs.
   (A)   One wall sign, not exceeding one square foot in area, is allowed for each dwelling unit. Such sign may contain a noncommercial message or a commercial message related to an activity lawfully conducted on the premises, including a lawful home occupation. The sign shall not be separately illuminated.
   (B)   For permitted uses other than single-family residences, one wall sign per use not more than two square feet in area is allowed, provided that such sign contains no commercial message and is not illuminated.
   (C)   For any building containing three or more dwelling units sharing a common entrance or hallway, one additional wall sign shall be allowed at each public entrance. Such sign shall bear no commercial message. The sign shall not be legible from the public right-of-way. The sign shall not be separately illuminated. The sign shall not be more than four square feet in area. The purpose of this section is to allow for directory signs, listing tenants or occupants, but the sign may bear any message other than a commercial message.
   10.09.02   Detached Signs.
   (A)   Permanent detached signs are allowed in these zoning districts subject to the following limitations. The principal detached sign may contain a commercial message related to the rental, lease or occupancy of the premises. No other commercial message is allowed on the permanent signs allowed under this table.
Maximum number
One per street frontage per site
One per vehicle entrance
One per public entrance per building
Maximum size
25 square feet
6 square feet
6 square feet
Maximum height
6 feet
4 feet
4 feet
Minimum setback from nearest property
5 feet from front property line; 10 feet from any other property line
15 feet
25 feet
Permitted illumination
External or internal, direct or concealed source
Concealed source only
Concealed source only
Changeable copy
Not allowed
Not allowed
   (B)   In addition to these permanent detached signs, each separately owned or controlled lot in such a residential district shall be allowed an unlimited number of detached signs, including not more than one permanent detached sign, and temporary detached signs, each not exceeding six square feet in area and not exceeding six feet in height. Such signs shall not be illuminated. The permanent sign shall not contain a commercial message, and no more than two signs on a lot in a residential district at any one time, including all wall signs, detached signs, temporary signs, and others, may contain commercial messages. The only commercial messages allowed on such signs are messages related to commercial activity lawfully conducted on the premises, including the lawful, occasional sale of personal property (such as through a garage sale or yard sale) or the sale, rental or lease of the premises.
   (C)   Signs related to the sale of personal property shall be removed within 24 hours after the end of the sale. Signs related to the sale, lease or rental of the premises shall be removed no later than the date on which the deed, lease or other document representing the transaction is completed. Any such sign may contain any message other than a commercial message. If a message relates to an election or special event, such sign shall be removed within seven days following the conclusion of such election or other event.
   10.09.03   Incidental Signs. Additional detached signs, permanent or temporary, of not more than two square feet in area and four feet in height are allowed, provided that such signs contain no commercial message and are not illuminated. The intent of this regulation is to provide for signs that provide messages like “no parking”, “no dumping”, “beware of dog”, “rest rooms”, but such signs may bear any message that is not a commercial message.
   10.09.04   Temporary Subdivision Signs.  As a temporary use accessory to the permitted activity of lawful subdivision development, one temporary sign at each principal entrance to a subdivision is allowed. There shall in no case be more than one such sign for each 50 dwelling units in a proposed development. Such sign shall not be illuminated and shall not exceed 32 square feet in area. Such sign shall be removed upon the earlier of the followings.
   (A)   Installation of a permanent neighborhood identification sign;
   (B)   Sale of more than 90% of the lots in the subdivision; or
   (C)   A period of two years from the date of installation.
   10.09.05   Permanent Entrance Signs.  Permanent neighborhood, multi-family or mobile home park monument signs, either illuminated or non- illuminated, are allowed. Such signs may include a masonry wall, landscaping or other similar materials or features. Such signs shall only be located at the principal entrance(s) to the neighborhood from a street classified on the comprehensive plan as an arterial or collector street. There shall be a maximum total sign area of 50 square feet which may be used in a single sign or may be divided between a maximum of two signs located on opposite sides of the same entrance. Such sign(s) shall not exceed six feet in height.
   10.09.06   Institutional signs.
   (A)   Any school, house of worship, recreation center or other institutional use permitted in the zoning district may have one detached sign, not to exceed 40 square feet in area.  This may include changeable copy signs, not to exceed 30% of the sign area.  Such signs may be illuminated.
   (B)   Each such use shall also be allowed one wall sign for each public entrance to a building; such wall signs shall not exceed four square feet each and shall not be illuminated.
   10.09.07   Traffic Control Signs.  Signs conforming with the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices and containing no commercial message are allowed in required off-street parking areas.
(Ord. O-37-08, passed 9-9-08; Am. Ord. O-2-10, passed 1-12-10)