§ 15.01  GENERAL.
   15.01.01   Zoning Enforcement Officer.  The provisions of this zoning ordinance are to be administered and enforced by one or more zoning enforcement officers designated by the City Manager. Designated enforcement personnel have the power and duty to:
   (A)   Make inspections of any premises necessary to carry out the enforcement of this zoning ordinance; and
   (B)   Issue citations for violations of this zoning ordinance in accordance with the provisions of KRS 100.991, the procedures as set forth in KRS 431.015, and the procedures set forth in this article.
   15.01.02   Right of Entry. Upon representation of official credentials, including a legally authorized search warrant, if required, or by consent, any zoning enforcement officer may enter premises within the jurisdiction of this zoning ordinance, during reasonable hours, for the purposes of determining compliance with the provisions of this zoning ordinance or conditions established at the time of development approval.
   15.01.03   Compliance Required.  All buildings and land used and all buildings and structures erected, converted, enlarged, reconstructed, moved, or structurally altered must comply with all applicable provisions of this zoning ordinance.
   15.01.04   Continuing Violations.  Each day that a violation remains uncorrected after receiving notice of the violation from the city constitutes a separate violation of this zoning ordinance for purposes of calculating cumulative penalties.
   15.01.05   Liability.   The owner, tenant, or occupant of any land or structure, will be presumed to know of activity occurring on the premises and thus will be charged with a violation of this zoning ordinance for any zoning violation found on the premises. Where an architect, contractor, builder, agent, or other person appears to have participated directly in a violation of this zoning ordinance, the zoning enforcement officer may also charge such person with a violation of this zoning ordinance.  Any person charged with a violation of this zoning ordinance is entitled to personal notice of the violation.  All persons found to be responsible for the actions or inaction leading to a violation may be charged jointly and severally with violations as a result of the same incident or circumstances.
(Ord. O-37-06, passed 8-15-06)