12.03.01   Initiation.  The Planning Commission and City Commission are authorized to initiate amendments to the text of this zoning ordinance.
   12.03.02   Public Hearing Notice.  Public hearing notices must be published be in accordance with § 12.02.05.The ordinance by which the text amendment is adopted may be published by stating the title and general description of the regulations and referring to the place within the city where a copy of the complete ordinance may be examined without charge.
   12.03.03   Planning Commission Hearing/ Action.
   (A)   The Planning Commission must hold at least one public hearing on all proposed text amendments.
   (B)   Following the Planning Commission's public hearing, the Planning Commission must make a recommendation, by simple majority vote, as to the text of the amendment and whether the amendment is approved or disapproved and must state the reasons for its recommendation. The Planning Commission action must be based on the review and approval criteria of § 12.03.05.
   (C)   When text amendments have been initiated by the City Commission, the Planning Commission must take action on the proposed amendments within 60 days of receipt of the proposed amendment.
   12.03.04   City Commission Action.  The City Commission must take final action on the proposed text amendment by a simple majority vote.
   12.03.05   Review and Approval Criteria.
   (A)   Before any zoning ordinance text amendment is approved, the Planning Commission and City Commission must find that the proposed amendment is allowed to be included in the text of this zoning ordinance and:
      (1)   The proposed amendment is consistent with the adopted comprehensive plan; or
      (2)   The amendment is necessary to correct an error or inconsistency in the zoning ordinance; or
      (3)   The amendment is necessary to meet the challenge of a changing condition that was not anticipated in the comprehensive plan.
   (B)   Required findings must be in writing and be accompanied by a written report that explicitly describes the reasons for such findings. The findings and written report must be recorded in the minutes and records of the Planning Commission or the City Commission, as applicable.
   12.03.06   Notice to PDS.  Pursuant to KRS 147.705, the City Commission must, within 60 days after adoption of any zoning text amendment, furnish a copy of the adopted amendment to Planning and Development Services of Kenton County.
(Ord. O-37-06, passed 8-15-06; Am. Ord. O-04-15, passed 3-19-15)