10.05.01   Unless specifically authorized by another section of this article, or by other law, the following sign types are prohibited at all times and in all zones.
   (A)   New billboards;
   (B)   Portable signs, including folding portable signs and flashing portable signs;
   (C)   Pennants, banners, streamers, balloons, and similar devices;
   (D)   Animated, projecting, revolving, and moving signs, including those which create the appearance of animation, projection, revolving or other movement, or utilize flashing or intermittent lights, or lights of changing degrees of intensity; automatic changeable copy signs that conform with § 10.06.04 are not subject to this limitation;
   (E)   Signs which are not traffic, control or safety signals, but by their shape, color, or manner of mounting or display, appear to be traffic, control or safety signals, and thus create confusion for drivers and pedestrians, as well as signs which create or constitute traffic hazards;
   (F)   Signs on vacant lots bearing commercial messages other than those messages related to the sale or lease of the property;
   (G)   Signs for which a separate structure is mounted on a roof or parapet; this provision does not prevent signs which are integral to the building; and
   (H)   Signs using sounds, music, sound effects, noises, or other sound or noise-making or transmitting device or instruments.
(Ord. O-37-08, passed 9-9-08)