10.03.01   One temporary sign will be permitted on each lot in a non-residential zone, subject to the following standards and conditions:
   (A)   It shall not exceed 12 square feet in area;
   (B)   It shall be attached at all four corners or otherwise firmly affixed to a wall of the principal building or it may be freestanding;
   (C)   If it is freestanding, it shall be supported by one or more posts or similar devices in the ground and shall not exceed six feet in height;
   (D)   In no case shall such a sign be affixed to a tree or other natural feature, a utility pole, or a fixture or structure on the property other than the principal building;
   (E)   It shall not be separately illuminated;
   (F)   If the message relates to an event, such sign shall be removed within seven days following the conclusion of the event;
   (G)   Such a sign may bear any noncommercial message or a commercial message related to a commercial activity lawfully conducted on the lot where the sign is located; the sale or lease of the premises shall be considered a lawful use of any premises for purposes of this regulation.
(Ord. O-37-08, passed 9-9-08; Am. Ord. O-24-10, passed 6-24-10)