10.02.01   The purpose of this article is to establish a comprehensive scheme for the regulation of signs within the jurisdiction of the City of Covington. These regulations are designed to protect and promote the public health, safety and welfare by controlling the type, number, location and physical dimensions of signs, to prevent the disruptions, obstructions and hazards to vehicular and pedestrian traffic that signs may cause, and to enhance the quality of the environment in residential and nonresidential districts. More specifically, it is the purpose of this article to:
   (A)   Implement the plans and planning policies of the City of Covington, together with any subsequent adopted amendments;
   (B)   Provide liberally for the free expression of ideas through signs in residential and other areas
   (C)   Encourage the effective use of signs as a means of communication and to facilitate way-finding in the area planned and regulated by the City of Covington;
   (D)   Balance the desire and need of individuals to express their creativity in signs with the desire to maintain a pleasing visual environment for residents and the many visitors who come to the area each year;
   (E)   Protect and enhance the value of properties and to have signage appropriate to the planned character and development of each area in the City of Covington;
   (F)   Balance the need for information for motorists and pedestrians with the need for traffic safety by limiting signs or characteristics of signs that may be particularly distracting to drivers;
   (G)   Provide clear and objective sign standards;
   (H)   Provide a clear and efficient review procedure for sign applications; and
   (I)   Enable fair and consistent enforcement of the regulations set forth in this article.
(Ord. O-37-08, passed 9-9-08)