9.06.01   No building may be constructed in any zone except the RR-40 zone unless such building is connected to a public water and sanitary sewer system of adequate capacity and design, and approved by the proper authorities, or unless the building is constructed on a single lot of record existing on October 2, 1984, that meets the minimum lot area and width requirements of the RR-40 zone. In the case of the RR-40 zone or construction on single-lot parcels of record meeting the requirements of the RR-40 zone, private sewage disposal systems are permitted, provided they are approved in accordance with the requirements of the Northern Kentucky District Board of Health.
   9.06.02   Where existing buildings are presently unserved by a public sanitary sewer system and a sanitary sewer line is extended to the location of these buildings, as determined by the legislative body or the Northern Kentucky District Board of Health, the building is required to connect with the public sanitary sewer system and a private sewage disposal system is prohibited.
(Ord. O-37-06, passed 8-15-06)