9.04.01   Outdoor Display.  Outdoor retail sales and display areas must comply with the following standards:
   (A)   Location of Sales Area.  Outdoor sales areas must be contiguous, located entirely on private property, and outside of any required setback. In zones without required setbacks, outdoor sales areas may not be located within ten feet of any street-facing lot line.
   (B)   Maximum Size.  Except for vehicle-sales uses, outdoor sales areas may not exceed 15% of the floor area of the uses they serve, unless otherwise expressly stated in this zoning ordinance.
   (C)   Location of Merchandise.  Merchandise may not be displayed where it will encroach upon parking areas, driveways, walkways, sidewalks, or landscaped areas.  Merchandise may not obstruct sight distance or otherwise create hazards for vehicular or pedestrian traffic.
   (D)   Height of Merchandise.  Individual items displayed may not exceed ten feet in height above grade.  Stacked items may not exceed a total of six feet in height above grade.
   (E)   Litter.  A permanent trash receptacle must be installed at each entrance and exit to an outdoor sales area.
   (F)   Screening.  All outdoor sales areas must be screened from adjacent public streets by decorative solid walls, fences, or landscaped berms that are at least three feet in height and located in a landscaped area at least ten feet in width adjacent to a street property line, unless otherwise expressly stated in this zoning ordinance.
   (G)   Exceptions.  Only merchandise for sale may be permitted to encroach in the sidewalks within the following zoning designations: Central Business District (CBD), Commercial-General with a “P” Designation (CG-P), and Commercial-Tourist (CT) per City of Covington Code of Ordinances § 96.01 with the following restrictions:
      (1)   Displays are limited to the area directly in front of a commercial establishment offering the items for sale.
      (2)   Merchandise and supporting structures shall not project more than four feet from the front of the structure housing the retail operation
      (3)   Displays shall not block ingress or egress to any entrances or exits of the retail business structure or adjoining buildings or properties.
      (4)   Merchandise may not be displayed more than one-half hour prior to opening of the business and must be removed within one-half hour after closing the business each day. Notwithstanding the above, no merchandise can be displayed before 6:00 a.m. or after 10:00 p.m.
      (5)   No such displays shall engage the use of electricity, nor shall such displays be animated or use lights or noise-making devices.
      (6)   Placement of merchandise must be in compliance with the American with Disabilities Act and any other law. A walking space of at least four feet wide shall be provided.
      (7)   Merchandise displays may not contain vending machines, liquor, beer, wine, or any other alcoholic beverages, tobacco, fireworks, any item which a minor is prohibited from purchasing, or any other item restricted by a fire code or other law. No merchandise requiring a separate permit or license shall be displayed unless the permit or license is in place.
   9.04.02    Outdoor Storage.  Outdoor storage is allowed only in IP, I1 and I2 zones, and is subject to the standards of § 3.06.02(C).
(Ord. O-37-06, passed 8-15-06; Am. Ord. O-29-14, passed 12-16-14)