8.04.01   Property owners are responsible for installing landscape materials required by this article. Such materials must be installed in accordance with standard practices of horticultural professionals and in good and workmanlike manner and must be maintained by the property owner in good condition.
   8.04.02   Any damaged or dead trees, shrubs, or ground cover must be promptly replaced.
   8.04.03   Maintenance of landscaping must include continuous removal of weeds; mowing; trimming; edging; cultivation; reseeding; plant replacement; appropriate fertilization; spraying; control of pests, insects, and rodents by nontoxic methods whenever possible; watering; and other operations necessary to assure normal, healthy plant growth.
   8.04.04   The obligation for continuous maintenance is binding on the applicant for landscape plan approval to any subsequent owners of the property or any other parties having a controlling interest in the property.
   8.04.05   When weather conditions do not permit planting, installation of plant material may be delayed until the start of the next growing season. In such cases, the Building Inspector is authorized to issue a temporary certificate of occupancy fora period of up to eight months. Required landscaping must be in place prior to expiration of the temporary certificate of occupancy. A permanent certificate of occupancy may be issued once required landscaping is in place.
(Ord. O-37-06, passed 8-15-06)