8.03.01   Applicability.  All of the following uses and developments must provide for the enclosure and screening of dumpsters and trash collection bins:
   (A)   Multi-unit buildings;
   (B)   Business, commercial, or manufacturing development; and
   (C)   Substantial rehabilitation of such developments, where the cost of such repair or rehabilitation exceeds 150% of the property's assessed value.
   8.03.02   Screening Methods.
   (A)   Required trash storage area screening may be achieved by designating an enclosed space for trash facilities within a principal building or within an accessory structure such as a garage.
   (B)   When trash storage areas are not enclosed within a principal or accessory structure, they must be screened on all sides by masonry walls with a minimum height of six feet. One side of the storage area must be furnished with an opaque, lockable gate.
   (C)   The screening walls required by this section must be planted with vines.
(Ord. O-37-06, passed 8-15-06)