7.09.01   Description.  Cooperative parking represents an arrangement whereby two or more commercial uses provide their required off-street parking in the same parking lot, thereby reducing the number of individual parking lots and the number of curb cuts required to serve such lots. Reduced off-street parking requirements are available as an incentive for providing cooperative parking.
   7.09.02   Authorization.  The following reductions in the number of off-street parking spaces required are allowed when multiple commercial uses provide their off-street parking in the same parking lot, as follows:
   (A)   A 20% reduction is allowed when four or more commercial uses are involved;
   (B)   A 15% reduction is allowed when three commercial uses are involved; and
   (C)   A 10% reduction is allowed when two commercial uses are involved.
   7.09.03   Location of Cooperative Parking Facility.  A use for which an application is being made for cooperative parking must be located within 600 feet walking distance of the cooperative parking facility, measured from the entrance of the use to the nearest parking space within the cooperative parking lot.
   7.09.04   Agreement.  An agreement providing for cooperative use of parking must be filed with the Zoning Administrator, in a form approved by the Zoning Administrator. Cooperative parking privileges will continue in effect only as long as the agreement remains in force. If the agreement is no longer in force, then parking must be provided as otherwise required by this chapter.
(Ord. O-37-06, passed 8-15-06)