Certain uses have widely varying parking demand characteristics, making it impossible to specify a single off-street parking standard.
   7.05.01   Upon receiving a development application for a use subject to the special parking study standards of this section, the Zoning Administrator must apply the off-street parking standard specified for the listed use that is deemed most similar to the proposed use or establish minimum off-street parking requirements on the basis of a parking study prepared by the applicant.
   7.05.02   The special parking study must include estimates of parking demand based on recommendations of the Institute of Traffic Engineers (ITE), or other acceptable estimates as approved by the Zoning Administrator and include other reliable data collected from uses or combinations of uses that are the same as or comparable with the proposed use. Comparability will be determined by density, scale, bulk, area, type of activity, and location. The study must document the source of data used to develop the recommendations.
(Ord. O-37-06, passed 8-15-06)