7.02.01   New Development.  The parking, loading, and access standards of this article apply to all new buildings constructed and all new uses established in all zones.
   7.02.02   Expansions and Substantial Modifications. The parking, loading, and access standards of this article apply when an existing structure or use is expanded or enlarged, whether through the addition of dwelling units, floor area, seating capacity, employees, or other units of measurement used for establishing off-street parking and loading requirements. Additional off-street parking and loading spaces to meet minimum ratios are required only to serve the enlarged or expanded area, not the entire building or use.
   7.02.03   Change of Use.  Additional off-street parking spaces must be provided whenever a change in use in any structure creates a need for an increase of more than 10% in the off-street parking requirements. The additional spaces required for the new use must be determined by the standards in this article. In case a change in use or unit of measurement creates a need for an increase of less than three off-street parking spaces, no additional off-street parking facilities will be required.
   7.02.04   Applicability in the Event of Damage or Destruction of Existing Use.  When a conforming or nonconforming building or use that does not comply with applicable off-street parking and/or loading regulations is damaged or destroyed, the building may be reconstructed with the same number of parking and loading spaces that existed at the time of damage or destruction.
   7.02.05   No Reduction Below Minimums.  The number of parking and loading spaces existing on a site may not be reduced below the minimum requirements of this article.
   7.02.06   Effect on Nonconforming Status.  A building or use that was legally established is not deemed nonconforming solely as a result of providing fewer than the minimum number or more than the maximum number of off-street parking or loading spaces specified in this article.
(Ord. O-37-06, passed 8-15-06)