6.30.01   Landfills must comply with all applicable regulations of the Kentucky Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection. In addition, all sanitary landfills must comply with the performance standards of the Division of Air Pollution, Division of Water Quality, and other applicable performance standards of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.
   6.30.02   The minimum site area for a landfill is 50 acres.
   6.30.03   Screening areas must be provided along all boundary lines not protected by comparable vegetative screening, in accordance with the applicable requirements of § 8.01.
   6.30.04   Landfill operations may not be conducted within 100 feet of any dedicated right-of-way or property line that is the exterior boundary of the landfill, or within 300 feet of any existing structure regularly occupied or utilized by any person for the conduct of residential, commercial, industrial, and public and semi-public type activities.
   6.30.05   Site plan requirements.  Before a permit is issued, a Stage I Development Plan must be prepared meeting the applicable requirements of § 12.06 and submitted to the Board of Adjustment and City Commission for approval. In addition, the following information must also be submitted: a plan showing the specific reuse of the area after completion of landfill operations, including the final grades to be established in meeting the needs of the proposed reuse of the landfill and a plan showing the method and procedures for disposing of any methane gas.
(Ord. O-37-06, passed 8-15-06)