6.22.01   Purpose.  These standards are intended to ensure that when a qualified manufactured housing unit is placed in a residential zone, it is compatible, in terms of assessed value, with existing housing located:
   (A)   Immediately adjacent to either side of the proposed site within the same block front;
   (B)   Immediately adjacent to the rear; and
   (C)   Within a one-eighth mile radius of the proposed location of the qualified manufactured housing unit.
   6.22.02   Effect of Compliance.  A qualified manufactured housing unit that complies with these compatibility standards and other applicable regulations of the zone in which it is proposed is allowed as a permitted use in any residential zone that permits detached houses.
   6.22.03   Compatibility Determination.
   (A)   Applications must be submitted to the Zoning Administrator demonstrating:
      (1)   Compliance with the standards of this subsection, and
      (2)   That the proposed construction, installation, or relocation of the qualified manufactured housing unit is generally similar in exterior appearance, building materials, and living area to other dwelling units that have been constructed on adjacent tracts, lots, and parcels.
   (B)   Applications for the placement of qualified manufactured housing units must be submitted with a nonrefundable application fee on a form developed for that purpose to the Zoning Administrator. Qualified manufactured housing units that have been illegally placed upon a lot must be removed before an application may be accepted.
   (C)   The application must include:
      (1)   Information reasonably necessary to make a determination of conformity with the standards of this subsection;
      (2)   Recent photographs of the front, side, and rear of the qualified manufactured housing unit's exterior finish;
      (3)   Photographs taken from the proposed site of the dwelling unit in the northerly, easterly, southerly, and westerly directions, and photographs of any adjacent dwelling units. The photographs must be taken no more than 30 days before submittal of the application.
      (4)   A site plan or plot plan containing appropriate information including, but not limited to, the following:
         (a)   Location of all existing buildings, structures, easements, and boundary lines;
         (b)   North arrow, scale, city and land lot;
         (c)   Existing use of adjacent property; and
         (d)   Location of all proposed buildings, structures, and land uses.
   (D)   Applications will be first reviewed for completeness. If the application is rejected as incomplete, the applicant must be notified of the reasons for the rejection. The applicant is responsible for the satisfaction of all of the comments prior to the resubmission of the revised application.
   (E)   Complete applications must be reviewed for compatibility with architectural appearance and similarity with:
      (1)   Adjacent development or surrounding developments;
      (2)   Development within the same zone or general area; and
      (3)   Proposed development permitted in the same zone or general area.
   (F)   Compatibility with architectural appearance will be based on the following:
      (1)   Floor living space and setbacks;
      (2)   Siding and exterior materials;
      (3)   Roof pitch;
      (4)   Square footage; and
      (5)   General aesthetic appearance.
   (G)   Compatibility with the orientation and location of existing structures will be based on the following:
      (1)   Building height;
      (2)   Building width;
      (3)   Building depth; and
      (4)   Building setbacks.
   (H)   A decision of approval, conditional approval, or disapproval of a complete application must be made and the applicant must be notified in writing. Conditional approval requires that the specific conditions and the reasons therefore be stated in writing and be agreed to by the applicant; such conditions are binding upon the applicant. In the case of disapproval, the reasons must be specifically stated in writing by designating each specific provision of this section or other applicable ordinance that is not met and an explanation as to the reason or reasons why each such provision is not met.
(Ord. O-37-06, passed 8-15-06)