5.06.01   General.  A Mobile Home Park (MHP-O) Overlay zone is permitted to be superimposed over any of the residential zones, provided that all conditions or provisions of this section, the applicable requirements of the subdivision regulations, and any additional requirements as determined necessary to provide for the most efficient layout of the MHP zone and its proper integration with the surrounding development are met; and a public hearing is held on the MHP application.
   5.06.02   Review and Approval Procedures. MHP-O zones require review and approval in accordance with the procedures of § 12.05.
   5.06.03   Uses and Densities.  Mobile homes, including customary accessory buildings and uses, are permitted within the MHP-O zone. The density of dwelling units in MHP-O zones must be determined by the density (dwelling units per net acre) as calculated from the existing residential zone superimposed by the MHP-O zone. This density must be applied to the total project area, excluding that land devoted to streets (public and private). The following structures and uses related to and for the exclusive use of the residents of the mobile home park (excluding, however, any commercial uses) are also permitted:
      (A)   Rental or sales offices for lots or mobile homes in the mobile home park.
      (B)   Community centers.
      (C)   Laundry facilities.
   5.06.04   Public and Semi-Public Uses.  Public and semi-public structures and uses are permitted in the MHP-O zone. These uses must be delineated on the plan and must be limited to one or more of the following:
   (A)   Schools (nursery, elementary and secondary);
   (B)   Religious assembly; and
   (C)   Open space or recreation areas.
   5.06.05   Area Requirements.  No MHP-O zone is permitted on a tract of less than ten acres. However, development of a smaller tract adjacent to an existing MHP-O zone is permitted if the proposed development conforms to and extends the original development as if the new area had been a part of the original development.
   5.06.06   Height and Setback Regulations. Requirements must be as approved in the plan.
   5.06.07   Off-Street Parking and Loading or Unloading.  Off-street parking and, when applicable, loading or unloading facilities must be provided in accordance with Article 7.
   5.06.08   Fences, Walls, and Signs.  The location, height, and type of all fences, walls, and signs must be as approved in the plan.
   5.06.09   Erosion and Sedimentation Control. Effective erosion and sedimentation controls must be planned and applied in accordance with § 9.03.
   5.06.10   Common Open Space; Recreation Area.  At least 20% of the total acreage of the proposed mobile home park must be retained as common open space and recreation area and dedicated to a public or private entity for operation and maintenance. Such open space and recreation areas must be physically situated so as to be readily accessible, available to, and usable by all residents of the mobile home park. Common open space and recreation area is that part of the total project, exclusive of dwellings, streets, parking areas, single-family lots, commercial areas, and other non-open space and non-recreationally oriented facilities.
   5.06.11   Installation.  Mobile homes must be installed in accordance with KRS 227.550, et seq. by a Kentucky certified installer.
(Ord. O-37-06, passed 8-15-06)