§ 5.01  GENERAL.
   5.01.01   Overlay zones are tools for dealing with special situations or accomplishing special planning and zoning goals. As the name implies, overlay zones are over-laid on base zone classifications to alter some or all of the underlying zone regulations. Overlay zones are shown on the official zoning map in parentheses following the base zone map symbol. Thus, an RU-2-zoned parcel that is included in the Historic Preservation Overlay zone would be shown on the zoning map as RU-2 (HP-O).
   5.01.02   Overlay zone regulations apply in combination with underlying base zone regulations and all other applicable standards of this zoning ordinance. When overlay zone standards conflict with standards that otherwise apply in the underlying base zone, the regulations of the overlay zone always govern. All applicable regulations of the underlying base zone apply to property in an overlay zone unless otherwise expressly indicated.
(Ord. O-37-06, passed 8-15-06)