4.05.01   Purpose.  The REC, Recreation and Open Space zone is intended to be applied to large parks and public open space areas.
   4.05.02   Permitted Uses.  The following uses are permitted by right in the REC zone, subject to compliance with all other applicable standards of this zoning ordinance.
   (A)   Recreation and open space;
   (B)   Cultural exhibits and libraries;
   (C)   Community centers;
   (D)   Reception facilities;
   (E)   Bed and breakfast or lodging facilities; or
   (F)   Dwelling of caretaker or administrator.
   4.05.03   Accessory uses.
   (A)   Customary accessory uses and structures.
   (B)   Any use or structure customarily incidental to a principal permitted use or structure, or incidental to a conditional use for which a permit has been issued.
   (C)   Signs, as regulated by Article 10.
   (D)   Private off-street parking areas, as regulated Article 7.
   (E)   Fences and walls, as regulated in § 9.02.
   4.05.04   Lot and Building Standards.
   (A)   Minimum lot area: none.
   (B)   Maximum building height: 35 feet.
(Ord. O-37-06, passed 8-15-06)