4.02.01      Purpose.  The RP, Resource Protection zone is intended to protect natural resource areas.
   4.02.02      Permitted Uses.  The following uses are permitted by right in the RP zone, subject to compliance with all other applicable standards of this zoning ordinance.
   (A)   Agriculture;
   (B)   Publicly owned or operated parks and recreation areas; or
   (C)   Private recreational uses including golf courses, country clubs, and camping areas that are not publicly owned or operated.
   4.02.03      Conditional Uses.  The following uses may be allowed in the RP zone if reviewed and approved in accordance with the Conditional Use procedures of § 12.07.
   (A)   Riding academies and stables.
   (B)   The following uses are permitted provided that the development of all facilities in or adjacent to navigable waters must be approved by the Corps of Engineers, Department of the Army, and the Division of Water, Kentucky Department for Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, to the extent of their jurisdiction. Such statements of approval or denial must be submitted as part of the conditional-use permit application:
      (1)   Boat harbors and marinas.  The following uses are permitted as accessory uses in connection with any boat harbor or marina provided they are primarily intended to serve only persons using the boat harbor or marina:
         (a)   Boat fueling, service, and repairs;
         (b)   Sale of boat supplies;
         (c)   Grocery store;
         (d)   Restaurant; and
         (e)   Boat landing, docking, and launching facilities, subject to Use Specific Standards § 6.05).
      (2)   Off-street parking facilities, including facilities for temporary parking of boat trailers.
      (3)   Restaurants, provided that restaurants serving alcoholic beverages after 1:00 a.m. may be allowed only when the subject property does not abut a residential zone, and when sufficient customer parking is available in the RP zone or adjacent commercial zones, without having and adverse impact on adjacent residential zones.
      (4)   Floating facilities for retail sales and services, only when adjacent to a commercial zone.
      (5)   Land-based or piered restaurants or taverns.
   (C)   Banquet facilities associated with golf course of country clubs.
   4.02.04      Accessory uses.
   (A)   Customary accessory uses and structures.
   (B)   Any use or structure customarily incidental to a principal permitted use or structure, or incidental to a conditional use for which a permit has been issued.
   (C)   Signs, as regulated by Article 10.
   (D)   Private off-street parking areas, as regulated Article 7.
   (E)   Fences and walls, as regulated in § 9.02.
   (F)   Attached dwelling of a caretaker or administrator.
   4.02.05      Lot and Building Standards.
   (A)   Minimum lot area: one acre.
   (B)   Minimum lot width: 150 feet.
   (C)   Minimum front setback: 50 feet.
   (D)   Minimum side setback: 25 feet.
   (E)   Minimum rear setback: 50 feet.
   (F)   Maximum building height: 25 feet.
   4.02.06      Additional Standards.
   (A)   Site plan approval is required for any permitted use or conditional use in the RP zone.
   (B)   Dwellings, including cabins, rooming houses, and mobile homes are expressly prohibited in the RP zone.  Caretaker or administrator dwellings are excluded from this standard.
   (C)   No outdoor storage of any material (usable or waste) is permitted in the RP zone, except within enclosed containers.
   (D)   No operable motor vehicle, mobile home, or trailer may be stored or used for storage in the RP zone.
   (E)   No use producing objectionable odors, noise, or dust is permitted within 500 feet from the boundary of any residential zone.
(Ord. O-37-06, passed 8-15-06; Am. Ord. O-24-10, passed 6-24-10)