3.06.01   Applicability.  Any use established or changed, and any building, structure, or tract of land developed, constructed, or used for any permitted or permissible principal or accessory use in any industrial zone must comply with all of the supplemental standards of this section. If any existing use or building or other structure is extended, enlarged, or reconstructed, the standards of this section apply with respect to such extended, enlarged, or reconstructed portion or portions of such use or building or other structure.
   3.06.02   Standards.
   (A)   Building enclosures.  In the IP, IL and IG zones, permitted uses must be operated either within a completely enclosed building or within an area screened from view at the nearest zone boundary, in accordance with Article 8.
   (B)   Exterior Lighting.  Any lights used for exterior illumination, except for overhead street lighting and warning or traffic signals, must direct light away from all residential zones.
   (C)   Outdoor Storage.
      (1)   IP Zone.
         (a)   In the IP zone, products and materials of principally permitted uses may be stored outside and adjacent to principal buildings in side or rear setbacks, provided that all minimum setback depths are maintained.
         (b)   Such storage areas must be screened with a combination of fencing and tree plantings on all sides to totally obstruct the view of storage areas from other properties or streets.
         (c)   Plantings must include a four-foot high berm planted with two rows of staggered evergreens, six-foot high at time of planting, and a maximum space of 15 feet from center to center, in addition to the requirements of § 8.01.
         (d)   In no case may the height of products or materials being stored exceed the height of screening.
         (e)   The total square footage of such storage areas may not exceed 50% of the gross floor area of the principal building on the site.
      (2)   IL and IG Zones.  In the IL and IG zones, storage of materials, supplies, and products on the property outside the building constructed thereon is permitted to the side and rear of the property provided that the storage of materials, supplies and products are within an area screened from view at the nearest zone boundary, in accordance with § 8.01.
   (D)   Mining and Reclamation.  All methods of operation, construction of roads, backfilling, grading, blasting, water impoundments, treatment facilities, and reclamation must be in conformance with the regulations adopted by the Department for Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, Division of Reclamation. Any excavation or processing operations must be subject to the regulations of the Kentucky Water Pollution Control Commission.
(Ord. O-37-06, passed 8-15-06)