§ 1.05  PURPOSES.
   The purposes of this zoning ordinance are to:
   1.05.01   Promote the public health, safety, and general welfare of the citizens of Covington;
   1.05.02   Provide a guide for the orderly and harmonious physical development of the city;
   1.05.03   Promote harmonious relationships among land uses and orderly and compatible land use and development patterns;
   1.05.04   Implement the policies and goals contained within officially adopted plans, including the Comprehensive Plan;
   1.05.05   Promote and enhance the overall quality of life of residents, employees, and visitors;
   1.05.06   Ensure the provision of adequate light, air, privacy, and access to property;
   1.05.07   Prevent excessive population densities, overcrowding of land or buildings, blight, danger, and congestion in the circulation of people and commodities;
   1.05.08   Promote the economic stability of existing land uses and protect them from intrusions by incompatible or harmful land uses;
   1.05.09   Encourage environmentally responsible development practices and protect natural resources and other sensitive areas that are in need of special protection;
   1.05.10   Preserve the character and quality of residential neighborhoods and promote a range of housing choices for all segments of the community;
   1.05.11   Promote economically vibrant and attractive business and commercial areas and retain and expand the city's employment base;
   1.05.12   Create environments that promote bicycle, pedestrian, and transit use;
   1.05.13   Promote the conservation, protection, restoration, and enhancement of the city's visual, scenic, and historic resources;
   1.05.14   Promote the arts and culture, education, tourism, and diversity of the city;
   1.05.15   Lessen congestion in the public streets by requiring off-street parking and loading;
   1.05.16   Provide attractive and effective signage that is compatible with the surrounding urban environment;
   1.05.17   Establish clear and efficient development review and approval procedures consistent with the requirements of KRS Chapter 100;
   1.05.18   Define powers and duties of the administrative officers, hearing officers, and other review and decision-making bodies consistent with the requirements of KRS Chapter 100;
   1.05.19   Provide appropriate penalties and enforcement mechanisms; and
   1.05.20   Facilitate fire and police protection and prevent loss of life, health, or property from fire, flood, or other dangers.
(Ord. O-37-06, passed 8-15-06)