General Provisions
96.01   Encroachments on or in the public right-of-way
96.02   Railroads obstructing streets
96.03   Spilling material
96.04   Broken sidewalks and curbs
96.05   Encroachment permits for work on streets; repairs to streets
96.06   Railroad crossings
96.07   Speed of railroad locomotive engines
Snow and Ice Removal
96.20   Duty to remove snow and ice
96.21   Failure to remove; cost a lien
Construction and Repair
96.30   Permit required
96.31   Application and fee
96.32   Code Enforcement Department to supervise work
96.33   Grades and slopes
96.34   Use of sidewalk for temporary driveway; deposit required
96.35   Duty of property owner to maintain and repair
96.36   Notice to repair; compliance required
Construction Obstructions
96.50   Temporary permit required
96.51   Seizure of materials obstructing sidewalks
96.52   Permit required for storage on streets; application
96.53   Limits of street use
96.54   Disposal of material and rubbish at expiration of permit
96.55   Barricades and lights required
96.56   Regulations for scaffolding, platforms in street
96.57   Dumpsters and other receptacles for demolition and construction debris
96.58   Portable storage units
Table and Seating Placement
96.70   Permit required
96.99   Penalty