General Provisions
94.01   Steinford Park in Mainstrasse
Rules and Regulations
94.10   Use of parks, public property by public
94.11   Powers and duties of Board of Commissioners
94.12   Permits required for certain activities
94.13   Racing prohibited
94.14   Defacing or destroying park property
94.15   Refuse to be placed in receptacles
94.16   Animal regulations
94.17   Dangerous weapons prohibited
94.18   Gambling prohibited
94.19   Fire regulations
94.20   Use of vehicles
94.21   Use of lakes
94.22   Horseback riding restricted
94.23   Swings and hammocks
94.24   Baseball and golf restricted
94.25   Golf courses
94.26   Glass bottles or containers prohibited
94.27   Devou Park regulations
94.28   Camping prohibited; exceptions
94.29   Alcoholic beverages, controlled substances
94.30   Devou Park archaeological excavation permit
94.31   Park rental fees
Outdoor Pay Telephones in Public Right-of-Way
94.40   Definitions
94.41   Contracts required to install outdoor pay telephones in public right-of-way
94.42   Removal of outdoor pay telephones in public right-of-way
Urban Forestry
94.50   Purpose and intent
94.51   Jurisdiction and scope of authority
94.52   Definitions
94.53   Urban forestry program
94.54   Urban Forestry Board
94.55   Urban forestry best management practice
94.56   Comprehensive urban forest plan
94.57   Public education and outreach
94.58   Landmark tree program
94.59   Public health and safety
94.60   Protection of trees, shrubs and other plants
94.61   General articles
94.62   Appeals of Code Enforcement Board decision - final judgement
94.63   Lien - recording - fines, charges and fees
94.64   Notice of complaint; whereabouts unknown
94.99   Penalty
Statutory reference:
   Power of city to regulate parks and recreation, see KRS 97.405 et seq.