§ 151.03  ENFORCEMENT.
   (A)   In any case where a provision of this chapter is found to be in conflict with any existing code, ordinance or regulation of the city, the provision which establishes the higher standards shall prevail.
   (B)    The administration of this section shall be the responsibility of the Fire Chief, or his or her designee, with communication and cooperation with applicable city staff and agencies including, but not limited to, City Code Enforcement Officers, building officials and police officers, to assure uniform and equal enforcement of the provisions of applicable National Fire Codes
(1984 Code, § 151.03)  (Ord. O-54-74, passed 5-23-1974; Ord. O-17-81, passed 4-7-1981; Ord. O-18-81, passed 4-7-1981; Ord. O-13-94, passed 4-12-1994; Ord. O-31-01, passed 8-7-2001; Ord. O-83-03, passed 12-16-2003; Ord. O-25-20, passed 12-1-2020)  Penalty, see § 151.99