(A)   There is established ambulance usage service charges to all persons being treated and/or transported by the city’s Fire Department ambulances.
   (B)   The amount of the charge for each patient transported shall be $800 for Basic Life Support (BLS), $900 for Advanced Live Support, Level 1 (ALS-1), and $950 for Advanced Life Support, Level 2 (ALS-2), plus a fee of $15 per loaded mile (a tenth of percentage point thereof will be added for each patient transported.) A LOADED MILE is the actual distance traveled with a patient from the scene to the receiving facility.  An additional $50 shall be charged for the administration of oxygen.  The amount of the charge for each patient that is “treated” and not transported shall be $400. A patient received “treatment” if there is interaction between the patient and Fire Department personnel regarding the health and welfare of the patient.
   (C)   The revenues realized from the collection of this fee shall be accounted for in a special revenue account for user fees and used to defray the costs of ambulance and life-saving services.
   (D)   The billing and collection for ambulance usage services charges will be performed in accordance with the contract by the “billing company” that contracts with the city to perform those services.
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