The Urban Forestry Board shall:
   (A)   Promote the goals of the Urban Forest Program, including the value, protection, management and the enhancement of the urban forest resources of the city;
   (B)   Advise and assist the Urban Forester in:
      (1)   Developing and updating the Urban Forestry Master Plan (UFMP);
      (2)   Developing and periodically updating the city’s Urban Forestry Best Management Practices;
      (3)   Advising the city on project plans for publicly sponsored developments, civic improvements and changes to the public right-of-way which involve or impact the urban forest;
      (4)   Developing and conducting educational and outreach urban forest programs for the public;
      (5)   Seeking grants for the city’s Urban Forest Program;
      (6)   Recommending tree planting and maintenance programs for the trees, shrubs and other plants under the city’s jurisdiction: and
      (7)   Developing and implementing the Landmark Tree Program.
   (C)   Advising and assisting the City Commission and city departments on issues related to urban forestry concerns; and
   (D)   Advising and assisting with the development of legislation and policies that affect the city’s urban forest.
(1984 Code, §§ 32.19, 94.54) (Ord. O-2-04, passed 1-20-2004; Ord. O-50-06, passed 10-17-2006; Ord. O-19-20, passed 8-25-2020)