5-1-1: Illinois Motor Vehicle Code Adopted; Exceptions And Penalties
5-1-2: Regulation And Control Of Traffic Generally
5-1-3: Posting Of Signs
5-1-4: Traffic-Control Signs, Devices
5-1-5: Driving Over Curbs, Sidewalks Or Unpaved Parkways Prohibited
5-1-6: Alley Traffic Restricted
5-1-7: One-Way Traffic
5-1-8: Improper Operation Of Motor Vehicle
5-1-9: Special Turns Restricted
5-1-10: Driving On Roadways Laned For Traffic
5-1-11: Following Too Closely
5-1-12: Speed Restrictions
5-1-13: Trucks, Weight Limit
5-1-14: Deliveries And Pickups At Business Establishments Adjacent To Residential Districts
5-1-15: Joint Enforcement Of Traffic Control On Joliet Road
5-1-16: Driving Under The Influence Of Alcohol Or Drugs
5-1-17: Accidents
5-1-18: Minor Violations, Citations
5-1-19: Business Vehicles Stickers
5-1-19-1: License Available
5-1-19-2: Application; Issuance; Transfer
5-1-19-3: Tags, Stickers On Vehicles
5-1-19-4: Sale Or Transfer Of Vehicle