A.   Supervision: All tapping of mains and distribution lines shall be done by or under the immediate supervision of the public works supervisor. (Ord. 129, 7-17-1951)
   B.   Nonparticipation In System Construction Costs; Connection Procedures:
      1.   Any person owning property which can be served by the city water system who has not participated in the construction costs of that portion of the water system to which that person desires to connect, or who does not have an affidavit of payment as provided herein, shall not be served by the water system or connect thereto, unless a period of fifteen (15) years has lapsed from the date of the completion of that portion of the water system to which the person desires to connect, or unless said person, after the completion of the water system, became a successor in interest to the owner of the property who caused said water system or the affected portion thereof to be constructed. (Ord. 346, 4-7-1998)
      2.   All persons desiring to connect to the city water system must make an application to the city clerk-treasurer, and if such land description or name is not included in the original certificate of completion, such application must be accompanied by an affidavit of payment from the person constructing the waterworks serving the applicant's property that the pro rata share has been paid. If no affidavit of payment is filed with the application, the city clerk- treasurer shall not issue such permit until the applicant has received a receipt for payment of the pro rata cost from either the original constructor or his assignees or from the city clerk-treasurer. The city clerk-treasurer shall inform the applicant of the last known address of the original constructor, and the applicant shall endeavor to obtain the required affidavit of payment from the constructor. If, after ten (10) days, the applicant is unable to contact the constructor and cannot obtain the required affidavit of payment from the constructor or his assignees, the applicant can obtain a permit to hook into the city water; provided, that the applicant first pays to the city the pro rata cost for the property being connected as set forth in the completion certificate. (Ord. 346, 4-7-1998; amd. 2015 Code)
      3.   The constructor shall inform the city clerk-treasurer of the cost of construction and shall keep the city clerk- treasurer informed of his address and of any changes of address. It shall be the sole responsibility of the constructor to keep the city clerk-treasurer informed of any address where waterworks applicants can contact him or where any funds which are collected can be forwarded. (Ord. 346, 4-7-1998)