A.   Construction Requirements:
      1.   Permit Required: Any person desiring to construct a sewer in, on or below any street or alley or desiring to construct any extension of the sanitary sewer system in the city shall first obtain from the city clerk-treasurer a permit for such construction upon application being filed with the city clerk-treasurer. The application shall state the name of the person applying, the approximate location of the sewer and the legal description of the land or lots to be served by the sewer and the owners of the said lots so served, together with the proposed size and type of pipe to be laid, and the approximate cost.
      2.   Certificate Of Completion: Upon completion, the person constructing the sanitary sewer and the city engineer must file a certificate of completion with the city clerk- treasurer setting forth the location of the sewer, the lots served, the owner of said lots, and the cost per lot or the cost per front foot served by the sewer.
      3.   Affidavit Of Owners Participating In Cost: The person constructing the sewer must file with the city clerk- treasurer an affidavit stating the legal description of the lots and the owners thereof who have participated in the cost of the construction of the sewer.
      4.   Drainage Requirements: No building drain or building sewer pipe shall have an internal diameter of less than four inches (4"), and all sewers and drains shall be of sufficient size to accommodate the property they are intended to drain. The owners shall install backflow preventers or check valves on the drains and sewers located on said owner's property. Failure on the part of any owner to properly maintain the backflow preventer or check valve, or to cause such an installation to be made will relieve the city from all responsibility for any and all damages suffered by said owner as a result of a backflow of sewerage onto said owner's real property and appurtenant structures. (Ord. 258, 6-14-1988)
   B.   Connection To Public Sewer: All persons desiring to connect to the city sewer system must make application to the city clerk-treasurer, and such application must be accompanied by an affidavit of payment from the person constructing the sewer that the pro rata charge has been paid, if such land description or name is not included in the original certificate of completion. If no affidavit of payment is filed with the application, the city clerk- treasurer shall not issue such permit until the applicant has received a receipt of payment of the pro rata cost from either the original constructor, his assigns or the city clerk-treasurer. In the event the person desiring such connection is unable to secure an affidavit of payment from the person constructing the sewer, the connection can be made by the applicant tendering to the city clerk-treasurer the pro rata cost for such lot as set forth in the completion certificate to be payable to and delivered by the city clerk- treasurer to the original constructor or his assigns. (Ord. 258, 6-14-1988; amd. 2015 Code)
   C.   Existing Privately Constructed Sewers: All persons having constructed sewers prior to the effective date hereof may file with the city clerk-treasurer a certificate of completion as provided in subsection A2 of this section, and the provisions of this chapter for connection of service shall be effective on these sewers already constructed.
   D.   Extensions Exempt From Affidavit Of Payment: An affidavit of payment of pro rata costs shall not be required for the extension of any sewer.
   E.   Interceptors, Mains Or Laterals: The provisions contained in this chapter shall apply in cases and instances where the city has constructed or will construct sewer interceptors, mains or laterals. All references to construction of sewer interceptors, mains or laterals by private persons shall include construction of sewer interceptors, mains or laterals by the city. (Ord. 258, 6-14-1988)