11-13-6: SPECIAL USES:
If, through good site and engineering designs, a development can be created which is compatible and harmonious with the natural amenities of the Conservancy District area and with surrounding land uses, a request for a special use permit for such development may be submitted. Such requests shall be accompanied by an overall plan of the entire area showing roads, parking areas, lot lines, easements, the location of tree cover, including the designation of individual trees of fifteen inches (15") in diameter or more, the location of other natural and biological features, such as wetlands and areas of valuable wildlife habitat, the locations of proposed structures, existing contours and proposed grading, drainage, utilities and landscaping in such detail as the Director of Community Development and City Engineer shall require before they may be reviewed by the Planning Commission. The approval of such a request by the City Council shall require a finding that:
   A.   The development will not detrimentally affect or destroy natural features, such as ponds, streams, wetlands and forested areas, but will preserve and incorporate such features into the development's site design.
   B.   The location of natural features and the site's topography have been considered in the designing and siting of all physical improvements.
   C.   Adequate assurances have been received that the clearing of the site topsoil, trees and other natural features before the commencement of building operations will not occur. Only those areas approved for placement of physical improvements may be cleared.
   D.   The development will not substantially reduce the natural retention storage capacity of any watercourse, thereby increasing the magnitude and column of flood at other locations.
   E.   The soil and subsoil conditions are suitable for excavation and site preparation, and the drainage is designed to prevent erosion and environmentally deleterious surface runoff.
   F.   The development will be free from offensive noise, vibration, smoke, dust and other particulate matter, odorous matter, fumes, water pollution and other objectionable influences.
   G.   The petitioner will be substantially damaged by being required to place the intended development outside the CD District. (1971 Code § 28-68; amd. 2000 Code)