A.   Officers; Appointment, Election And Duties:
      1.   Chair: The commission chair shall be appointed by the city council. It shall be the duty of the chair to preside at all meetings of the commission, to represent the commission before the council, other organizations and to the public, subject to the direction and review of the council.
      2.   Vice Chair:
         a.   A vice chair shall be elected by the members of the commission at the annual meeting. (Ord. 598, 4-20-1994; amd. Ord. 955, 2-17-2016)
         b.   It shall be the duty of the vice chair to carry out the duties of the chair in his/her absence. (1971 Code § 2-51; amd. Ord. 955, 2-17-2016)
   B.   Staff Liaison: The city administrator shall designate a member of the city staff to serve as liaison and administrative support to each commission. It shall be the duty of the staff liaison to keep minutes and records of all proceedings of the commission; to render notice of all meetings of the commission; to communicate all recommendations to the council; to receive, record, report and transmit all correspondence of the commission; to maintain permanent files and resource materials for the commission; to issue, quarterly, a list of current members, which list shall include appointment dates and dates of expiration of office; and to prepare proposed agendas for the annual, regular and special meetings. (1971 Code § 2-51.1; amd. Ord. 955, 2-17-2016)