A.   Absence From Meetings: Unexcused absence from three (3) consecutive regular meetings of the commission or four (4) meetings in any one year period (beginning March 1) shall be deemed to constitute a resignation of a member, and the vacancy thus created shall be filled thereafter. To be excused, an absence must be requested in writing by the affected member, granted by the commission chairperson (or the vice chair if the chairperson makes the request) and the council liaison and filed with the city clerk. Absences may be excused for extenuating circumstances that prevent the member's attendance, such as business demands, state of health, or personal emergencies. (Ord. 694, 5-2-2001; amd. Ord. 955, 2-17-2016)
   B.   Removal Of Members: The council shall, by majority vote, have the authority to remove any member of the commission from office whenever in its discretion the best interest of the city shall be served thereby. A member removed from office shall, upon request, have a right of appeal before the council. (1971 Code § 2-46; amd. Ord. 955, 2-17-2016)