A.   Procedures: Procedures for application for interim conditional use permits, the public hearing before the Planning Commission and action by the City Council shall be the same as provided for other conditional use permits in Section 11-2-9 of this Chapter.
   B.   Criteria For Issuance: In addition to the criteria listed in subsection 11-2-9F of this Chapter, the criteria for granting interim conditional use permits shall be as follows:
      1.   The period of time for which the interim conditional use permit is to be granted will terminate before any adverse effects are felt upon adjacent property.
      2.   There shall be adequate assurance that the property will be left in suitable condition after the use is terminated.
      3.   The use conforms to the zoning regulations.
      4.   The date or event that will terminate the use can be identified with certainty.
      5.   Permission of the use will not impose additional costs on the public if it is necessary for the public to take the property in the future.
      6.   The user agrees to any conditions that the governing body deems appropriate for permission of the use. (Ord. 610, 2-15-1995)
   C.   Listing Of Temporary Uses: In all districts, interim conditional uses shall be as follows: (Ord. 610, 2-15-1995; amd. 2000 Code)
Any use, in the event there is a threatened involuntary conversion of a parcel of land within a certain time; provided, that all owners, tenants and lessees waive all rights to relocation benefits and assistance or compensation for leasehold improvements installed pursuant to the conditional use, by written agreement satisfactory to the condemning authority.
Blacktop or crushing plants for roadway materials.
Housing development promotional signs.
Stockpiling of materials.
Temporary structures. (Ord. 610, 2-15-1995)