For the purposes of this title, the city is hereby divided into the following use districts and groups of use districts:
   A.   Agricultural districts:
AG-1 Agricultural preservation district
AG-2 Agricultural district
   B.   Residential districts:
R-1 Rural residential district
R-2 Residential estate district
R-2.5 Residential district
R-3 Single-family residential district
R-4 Low density residential district
R-5 Medium density residential district
R-6 High density residential district
UR Urban reserve residential district
   R-2A Residential single-family district
   R-2B Detached single-family district
   R-2C Detached single-family district
   R-2D Twin home single-family district
   R-2E Residential townhouse district
   R-2F Residential multi-family district
   C.   Business districts:
B-1 Limited business district
B-2 Retail business district
B-3 General business district
P-B Planned business district
N-B Neighborhood business district
   D.   Industrial districts:
I-1 Limited industry district
I-2 General industrial district
I-3 Heavy industrial district
I-4 Commercial excavation district
I-5 Railroad access industrial district
   E.   Floodway and flood fringe districts.
   F.   CD Conservancy district.
   G.   PUD Planned unit development district.
   H.   Planned development overlay district.
   I.   Mississippi River corridor critical area overlay district.
All references in this title to R, B, I, CD, AG and PUD districts shall refer to all individual districts having the appropriate prefix. Reference to a specific district shall be for that district only. (1971 Code § 28-5; amd. 1971 Code § 28-69; Ord. 623, 1-17-1996; Ord. 632, 9-18-1996; Ord. 640, 12-4-1996; Ord. 732, 5-21-2003; Ord. 782, 12-21-2005; Ord. 796, 6-21-2006; Ord. 904, 5-16-2012)