A.   Compliance With Provisions: No building permits will be issued by the city for the construction of any building or structure on any lot in the "subdivision" as defined herein which has been approved for platting until all requirements of this title have been fully complied with and until utility and street construction contracts have been awarded. No building permit shall be issued for a lot not having the required right of way frontage on a public street in the zoning district in which it is located unless the lot complies with provisions of section 11-3-2 of this code.
   B.   Utilities Required: No occupancy shall be granted until public and/or private utilities are available. Where building permits are issued as provided in subsection A of this section, the building or units therein shall not be occupied (except model homes) until said building(s) are provided with public sewer and water service, private services (gas, telephone, electricity, sewer and water) and an improved public street to the extent that the street is graded and gravel surfaced.
   C.   Nonliability Of City: Where a building permit is issued under subsection B of this section, the person to whom the permit is issued proceeds at his/her own risk and the city assumes no obligation to provide public services within a specified time limit. (1971 Code § 23-38)