10-5-7: MONUMENTS:
   A.   Monuments Required: All subdivision boundary corners, block and lot corners, road intersection corners and points of tangency and curvature shall be marked with survey monuments meeting the minimum requirements of state law. All federal, state, county or other official benchmarks, monuments or triangulation stations adjacent to the property shall be preserved in precise position unless a relocation is approved by the controlling agency. These monuments shall be set within one year after recording of the final plat, or sooner if specified in the subdivision agreement. Said placement shall be a part of the financial guarantees for the subdivision.
   B.   Specifications: All lot corner pipes or iron rods shall be a minimum of half an inch (1/2") in diameter and eighteen inches (18") in length, and shall be inscribed with the registration number of the land surveyor making the survey. All unmonumented quarter corners and section corners will be set by the county surveyor. (1971 Code § 23-35)