A.   Where Required:
      1.   In residential districts developed at a density of ten (10) or more dwellings per acre, sidewalks shall be installed on both sides of all public streets.
      2.   Sidewalks or trails shall be installed on both sides of all minor arterial and collector streets.
      3.   In blocks over nine hundred feet (900') long, eight foot (8') wide paved pedestrian trails/crosswalks may be required through the blocks in locations where such crosswalks are deemed necessary to public health, convenience and necessity. Suitable paving, fencing or screening shall be provided by the subdivider. (Ord. 796, 6-21-2006)
   B.   Design Standards:
      1.   All sidewalk widths shall be a minimum of five feet (5').
      2.   Sidewalks shall slope one-fourth inch (1/4") per foot away from the property line, and the profile grade shall not exceed eight percent (8%).
      3.   All sidewalks shall be constructed of concrete at least four inches (4") thick. At least three inches (3") of gravel shall be placed under all sidewalks. Where sidewalks intersect at street intersections, the area between the property line and the curb shall be filled in as additional sidewalk, and the apron shall be handicap accessible per design requirements of the city engineer.
      4.   Notwithstanding a waiver of the requirements for the immediate construction of sidewalks, all streets shall be graded within the rights of way for future sidewalk construction.
      5.   Pedestrian crosswalks/walkways/bikeways between lots shall be required in locations deemed necessary to provide access to public facilities. Sidewalks at least five feet (5') in width shall be required in all pedestrian crosswalks. (1971 Code § 23-33)