10-5-2: BLOCKS:
   A.   General Requirements: Block length and width or acreage within boundary streets shall accommodate the size of the residential lots required in the area by title 11 of this code and provide for convenient access, circulation control and safety of street traffic.
   B.   Length: In residential areas, other than water frontage, blocks shall not be less than six hundred feet (600') nor more than one thousand eight hundred feet (1,800') in length, measured along the greatest dimension of the enclosed block area, unless minor variances are necessitated by topography or conformance with an adjoining plat.
   C.   Crosswalks: In blocks over nine hundred feet (900') long, pedestrian crosswalks may be required pursuant to section 10-5-5 of this chapter.
   D.   Widths: Blocks shall be wide enough to allow two (2) tiers of lots with the minimum depth required by title 11 of this code, except where one tier lots are necessary because of topographical conditions.
   E.   Commercial And Industrial Areas: Blocks for commercial and industrial areas may vary from the elements of design contained in this section if the nature of the use requires. (1971 Code § 23-30)