A.   Statement Of Policy: The City Council deems and hereby declares that the use of exterior facing materials in the construction, moving, alteration of, or repairs to buildings or structures, which materials are not of permanent nature or have a tendency, because of the nature of the material, to quickly become unsightly, tends to result in substantial depreciation of values in the neighborhood and in the City at large. Because this substantial depreciating effect can or will discourage orderly growth patterns and disrupt planned land use to the detriment of public health, wealth, safety, morals and general welfare, the use of such materials may be authorized by the City Council only after the closest possible scrutiny. (1971 Code § 6-1)
   B.   Unsuitable Materials; Exemptions: The following materials shall be generally unsuitable for exterior surfaces. Such materials, however, may be used in special arrangement or combination with other materials of a permanent nature or integral to an architectural design of general acceptance and appeal:
      1.   Concrete masonry units.
      2.   Common clay brick.
      3.   Sand lime brick.
      4.   Concrete brick.
      5.   Unfinished structural clay tile.
      6.   Sheet metal, either plain or corrugated.
      7.   Exposed unfinished concrete.
      8.   Prefabricated assembly for wall or roof assembly.
      9.   Unfinished metal prefabricated wall surfaces. (1971 Code § 6-2)
   C.   Factors Considered Prior To Approval: In approving the use of any of the materials enumerated in subsection B of this Section, the City Council shall consider the following:
      1.   The location of the structure in relation to abutting streets and thoroughfares.
      2.   The zoning district in which the structure is or will be located.
      3.   The proximity of the structure to the boundaries of another zoning district of different classification.
      4.   The degree of variance of design to neighboring buildings and structures.
      5.   If an addition to an existing building or structure, the degree of variance of design to the existing building or structure.
      6.   The existence and effect of natural or artificial screening either existing on the site or proposed as part of the construction site. (1971 Code § 6-3)
   D.   Preliminary Approval:
      1.   In the event an owner intending to apply for a building permit under Chapter 3 of this Title desires to use any of the materials included in subsection B of this Section as exterior finish materials, such owner may present to the Building Official a request for preliminary approval for the use of such materials prior to the preparation of final drawings and application required by this Title and other ordinances. Such request for preliminary approval shall include such sketches and other information as may be necessary to indicate accurately the use to be made of such materials and the appearance of the exterior of such structure when completed.
      2.   If such request for preliminary approval of materials is granted by the Building Official for the City Council, the sketch and other information shall be properly marked for identification by the building official and be filed thereby in his/her office, and such data shall become a part of the building permit application when filed. (1971 Code § 6-4; amd. 2000 Code)
   E.   Provisions Additional: The provisions of this section shall be deemed to be supplementary to the zoning ordinance and City Building Code, and shall be enforced and administered in conjunction and in harmony with each. (1971 Code § 6-5)