A.   Valves Required: There shall be installed in every connection to the City water system one full-way valve which shall be installed at a point between the curb stop and the meter so that the water may be turned off and the meter and house plumbing entirely drained. There shall be installed another full-way valve in the pipe on the house side of the meter.
   B.   Pipe Specifications: All service pipes connected to the City system shall be a type K copper, a minimum of one inch (1") inside diameter or its approved equal, and shall be laid at a depth not less than seven and one-half feet (71/2') below the established grade, or as low as the street mains.
   C.   Separate Lines Required: Separate water and sewer service lines shall be required of each unit of a dwelling, whether it be single-family, town house, or duplex-type construction.
   D.   Connection By Certified Contractor: All connections to the water system or sanitary sewer system shall be performed by a person currently certified by the Minnesota Utilities Contractors Association. (Ord. 672, 11-17-1999)