A.   Permit Required: No person shall make any type of connection to the water system, sanitary sewer, or storm sewer system except upon making an application therefor on a form provided by the City and receiving a permit issued by the City for such purposes.
   B.   Application For Permit: The application shall include the legal description of the property to be served, the uses for which the connection is requested, and the size of the service line to be used.
   C.   Fees: At the time of making such application, there shall be paid to the City Building Inspection Division the following fees for the following purposes:
      1.   Utilities: No connections shall be made with respect to any sanitary sewer, water system, or storm sewer system serving the property of any person or occupants of the land, parcel, or premises affected that have not paid or provided for the payment of the full and proportionate share of the utilities, which share shall be payable as follows:
         a.   For service to property to which service lines have not been previously run from the street laterals to the property line, the owner, occupant, or user shall pay into the City Treasury an amount of not less than the cost of making the necessary connections, taps, and installation of pipe and appurtenances to provide service to the property and the necessary street repairs.
         b.   For service to property to which service lines have been run to the property line, but which have not been paid for, the owner, occupant, or user shall pay in cash or agree to pay charges in the form of special assessments to be levied against the property to be spread over a number of years coincident with the maturity requirements of any special improvement bonds sold for the purpose of financing the construction of the sanitary sewer, City water, or storm sewer system serving the property. Such cash payment or assessment charge shall be in the principal amount of not less than the payments made by or charges placed against comparable properties for like services for such sanitary sewer, water, or storm sewer system in an amount as may be established by the City Council. In the instance of services run to the property lines as provided under subsection C1a of this Section, the payment to the City of any amount required under this subsection C1b shall be reduced by the amount paid to the City under said subsection C1a. Payment to the city in the form of a special assessment charge shall be in the form of equal annual installments together with interest on the unpaid balance from year to year, which interest shall be computed at the then prevailing statutory rate of interest. (Ord. 672, 11-17-1999; amd. 2000 Code)
      2.   Area And Connection Charges: Before proceeding with the construction, enlargement, alteration, or repair of any water or sewer lines connecting the water system, sanitary sewer system, or storm sewer system in any house or building, the owner or his/her agent shall first obtain a permit for such purposes from the city through its building inspection division. The fees for area charges and connection charges shall be established by ordinance of the city council. All connection and trunk charges are in addition to the sewer availability charges imposed by section 8-1-14 of this chapter. (Ord. 768, 3-16-2005)
         a.   Area charges shall be collected for:
            (1)   All new commercial, industrial, or institutional development. The area charges shall be computed on the acreage of all tax parcels included in the development site.
            (2)   Expansion of existing commercial, industrial, or institutional uses, when additional land is acquired and where city approval is required for the subdivision of the additional land. The charges shall be computed on the acreage of the additional land which is being added to the existing development.
            (3)   Residential development or any new residential lot, where city approval for the residential construction is required. The area charges shall be computed on the gross land area being developed, excluding from the computation the acreage for ponding areas, major highway rights of way and floodplains. (Ord. 672, 11-17-1999; amd. 2000 Code)
         b.   Area charges and connection fees shall be paid at the time a building permit is obtained, unless a subdivision agreement, development agreement, or resolution approving a subdivision, rural subdivision, or lot division provides otherwise. (Ord. 693, 2-21-2001)
      3.   Water Meters: Before any water conveyed through the city water system shall be used on the land or premises of any person, there shall first be installed a water meter that will accurately measure the water actually consumed on the premises, except and unless such installation shall be exempted by the city. All meters installed shall be of a type approved by the city. If a proposed meter location is not readily accessible to city personnel, the building official may require installation of outside reading remote meters. All meters shall be purchased by the applicant from the city and after installation shall become and remain the property of the city. (Ord. 672, 11-17-1999; amd. 2000 Code)