The following acts are prohibited:
   A.   City Employees: Impersonate any employee of the department of public works or interfere with, harass or hinder any employee in the discharge of his or her duties.
   B.   Harassment: Intentionally disturb, harass or interfere with a park visitor or their personal property.
   C.   Garbage And Refuse: Deposit, scatter, drop or abandon in a park, bottles, cans, broken glass, grass clippings, tree branches, hot coals, ashes, sewage, pet waste or other material, except in receptacles provided for such purposes.
   D.   Fires:
      1.   Start a fire in a park, except in designated areas, other than in fire rings, portable stoves or grills.
      2.   Leave a fire unattended or fail to fully extinguish a fire.
      3.   Scatter or leave unattended lighted matches, burning tobacco, paper or other combustible material.
   E.   Vehicles:
      1.   Operate a bicycle or other motorized recreation vehicle, except as posted.
      2.   Operate a snowmobile except on designated trails.
      3.   Operate any vehicle in excess of twenty five (25) miles per hour or other posted speed limits.
      4.   Park off of paved surfaces or in nondesignated parking areas.
      5.   Grease, change oil or perform other maintenance on any vehicle. (Ord. 677, 4-19-1999; amd. 2000 Code)
   F.   Pets And Animals:
      1.   It shall be unlawful and a misdemeanor to permit a domestic animal to run at large, whether or not the owner is present, in city parks. Dogs or cats must be continuously under restraint on a leash and accompanied by a person reasonably able and effectively restraining the dog or cat. Unleashing of dogs is allowed within the boundaries of the public off leash dog park and is subject to the posted rules of the park which includes the owner having verbal or physical command over the dog.
      2.   Permit a pet under one's control to disturb, harass or interfere with any park visitor or park visitor's personal property.
      3.   Remove, release or abandon any animal within a park without a permit. (Ord. 883, 10-6-2010, eff. 6-1-2011)
   G.   Liquor:
      1.   Possess or consume any alcoholic beverages in any city park or open space area during any adult sports tournament held on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday, or any combination of these days except pursuant to a licensed sale occurring at a city park during the Strawberry Festival celebration or at the River Oaks Golf Course.
      2.   Possess or consume any type of alcoholic beverage in parking lot areas in all city park and open spaces.
      3.   Possess or consume any type of alcoholic beverage at the outdoor municipal pool and at the Cottage Grove Ice Arena. (Ord. 859, 5-20-2009)
   H.   Use For Storage; Construction Of Sheds, Fences, Etc.: Park/store firewood, construction materials, boats, campers, snowmobiles, trailers, and vehicles on park property; construct compost bins, storage sheds, play structures, fences, underground electrically controlled cable, retaining walls, or other personal property on park property. Such property shall be removed by the city, or by others under contract with the city, on ten (10) days' written notice to the owner, if ascertainable. All costs incurred for removal and storage shall be at the property owner's expense.
   I.   Gardens: Create and maintain gardens.
   J.   Tampering With, Damage To Property: Intentionally remove, alter, injure or destroy natural resources on park property.
   K.   Trespassing: Enter any building, installation or area under construction or locked or closed to public use; or enter or be upon any building, installation or area during times when the park property is not open to the public.
   L.   Golfing: Putt, drive or in any other manner play or practice golf except at established facilities. (Ord. 677, 4-19-1999; amd. 2000 Code)