7-2-2: CURB CUTS:
   A.   There shall only be one curb cut for each residential lot having curb and gutter. Approval of a new or second curb cut shall require that the original curb cut be closed and the driveway removed and the curb cut repaired at the applicant's expense.
   B.   No curb cuts shall be made which will impair proper street drainage or cause ingress and egress from properties to constitute a hazard to traffic if so determined by the public works director.
   C.   The performance of the work and quality of materials shall be in accordance with the latest revision of the state department of highways standard specifications for highway construction.
   D.   The existing curb shall be removed in complete whole sections. No cutting, sawing or breaking of the existing curb shall be allowed, except for blacktop curbs. Joints between the existing curb and the new entrance shall be made at the existing joints in the in-place curb.
   E.   Any portion of the existing pavement structure disturbed during the curb cut work shall be repaired with similar materials of equal or greater structural capacity. Repair limits shall be defined by right angle saw cuts so oriented to provide the least noticeable surface patch.
   F.   On existing streets, improved with curb and gutter, the period between removing the in-place curb and constructing the new entrance shall not exceed seventy two (72) hours. (1971 Code § 22-32; amd. 2000 Code)
   G.   The permit fee for a curb cut shall be in such amount as provided by ordinance of the city council from time to time. The fee shall be waived if application is made in connection with the issuance of a building permit for new construction. (Ord. 783, 2-15-2006)