A.   Permit And Compliance Required: No person shall make any curb cut or install any driveway or parking lot without first obtaining a permit from the city. The applicant shall provide the required information and shall, in addition, conform with the regulations of this chapter. (Ord. 700, 6-20-2001)
   B.   Application For Permit: Any person desiring a permit shall present a written application to the public works director, describing the improvements to be made and, if specified by the public works director, plans which indicate that the requirements of this chapter will be met. The public works director shall request assistance from the city engineer in cases where a grade to establish the driveway or other technical information is requested. (1971 Code § 22-31; amd. 2000 Code)
   C.   Revocation Of Permit: Any permit issued may be revoked by the public works director, upon request by the city engineer, at any time after its issuance for failure to comply with the conditions of the permit. (1971 Code § 22-37; amd. 2000 Code)
   D.   Appeals: Appeals from the decision of the public works director in relation to the granting or revoking of a permit shall be referred to the city council. Such appeal shall be taken within twenty (20) days from and after the date of such decision by the public works director. Upon a motion from the city council, the appeal may be referred to the planning commission. The recommendation of the planning commission shall be forwarded to the council for final action. The prosecution for violation of any of the provisions herein shall be held in abeyance pending the determination of an appeal to the city council. (1971 Code § 22-38; amd. 2000 Code)