A.   Prohibitions:
      1.   No person shall enter uninvited onto the land of another to consume alcohol or controlled substances.
      2.   No person shall bring a motor vehicle onto the land of another without invitation to facilitate the consumption of alcohol or controlled substances on that land. (1971 Code § 16-25.1)
   B.   Determination Of Purpose: To determine whether a person entered onto the land of another to consume alcohol or controlled substances or brought an automobile to facilitate consumption of alcohol or controlled substances, factors to be considered shall include, but are not limited to, the following:
      1.   Time of day;
      2.   Presence of containers intended to contain or containing alcohol;
      3.   Presence of equipment used to dispense alcoholic beverages;
      4.   Presence of paraphernalia containing identifiable residues of a controlled substance;
      5.   Noise level;
      6.   Lighting;
      7.   Identified physiological responses; and
      8.   Conduct of persons in the presence of a peace officer. (1971 Code § 16-25.2)
   C.   Violations: A person who violates subsection A of this Section is guilty of a misdemeanor. (1971 Code § 16-25.3)
   D.   Consent By Landowner As Defense; Presumptions From Consent:
      1.   Express consent, endorsement or ratification by a landowner of an entry onto land is an absolute defense to charges under subsection A of this Section.
      2.   A landowner who expressly consents to, endorses or ratifies an entry onto land shall not be presumed to be in control of the persons gathered on land, nor is the landowner presumed to have knowledge of an unlawful act merely because of the express consent, endorsement or ratification. (1971 Code § 16-25.4)