A.   Noxious, Poisonous Plants And Weeds Prohibited: It shall be unlawful for any owner, tenant or occupant of land in the City to permit or maintain noxious or poisonous weeds or plants on such land.
   B.   Plants And Weeds In Zoning Districts:
      1.   In Zoning Districts R-2.5 through R-6 and B-1 through B-3 and P-B where the land is platted or developed, and land within one hundred feet (100') of said land, it shall also be unlawful to allow or permit any growth of weeds, grass, brush, or other rank vegetation to a height greater than eight inches (8") 1 , or any accumulation of dead weeds, grass or brush on such land. "Developed" shall mean that the property has been improved with the construction of buildings, parking lots or other facilities excluding underground utilities or sewer or water lines.
      2.   This subsection shall not apply to:
         a.   "Natural areas", which shall be defined as densely wooded areas, bogs, and marshes.
         b.   Northern States Power transmission easement.
         c.   Park land.
         d.   Stormwater pond areas.
         e.   Land used for agricultural purposes.
         f.   Compost areas which meet the following conditions:
            (1)   The compost is in a compost box which is of adequate construction to allow for the decomposition of the material.
            (2)   The compost is screened from view of adjacent property owners. (1971 Code § 13-1; amd. 2000 Code)



1. See also subsection 10-3-3C1c of this Code.