The following are declared to be nuisances affecting public peace and safety:
   A.   Snow And Ice Accumulations On Sidewalks: All snow and ice not removed from public sidewalks twelve (12) hours after the snow and ice have ceased to be deposited thereon.
   B.   Water, Ice And Snow Draining Onto Public Ways: Allowing rainwater, ice or snow to fall from any building or structure upon any street or sidewalk or to flow across any sidewalk.
   C.   Objects Overhanging Public Ways:
      1.   Tree Limbs: All limbs or trees which are less than eight feet (8') above the surface of any public walkway or nine feet (9') above the surface of any street.
      2.   Utility Wires: All utility wires which are strung less than fifteen feet (15') above the surface of the ground.
      3.   Signs: All hanging signs, awnings and other similar structures over streets or sidewalks, or so situated as to endanger public safety, not constructed and maintained as provided by ordinance.
   D.   Storage Of Explosive And Inflammable Substances: All explosives, inflammable liquids and other dangerous substances stored in any manner or in any amount other than that provided by law.
   E.   Fireworks: All possession, use or explosion of fireworks, except as provided by law.
   F.   Noises And Vibrations: All unnecessary noises and annoying vibrations.
   G.   Building Construction Violations: All buildings and all alterations to buildings made or erected in violation of the laws concerning materials and construction.
   H.   Obstructing Public Ways:
      1.   Obstructions and excavations affecting the ordinary use by the public of streets, alleys, sidewalks or public grounds, except under such conditions as are provided by ordinance.
      2.   All trees, hedges, billboards or other obstructions which prevent persons from having a clear view of traffic approaching an intersection from cross streets in sufficient time to bring a motor vehicle driven at a reasonable speed to a full stop before the intersection is reached.
      3.   Any use of property abutting on a public street or sidewalk or any use of a public street or sidewalk which causes large crowds of people to gather, obstructing traffic and the free use of the streets or sidewalks, except as permitted by the City Council.
   I.   Barbed Wire Fences: All barbed wire fences which are located within any predominantly residential area.
   J.   Dangerous Machinery: All dangerous, unguarded machinery in any public place, or so situated or operated on private property as to attract the public. (1971 Code § 15-5)
   K.   Deteriorated Private Roads, Access Drives, Parking Lots, Alleyways, Trails, Sidewalks Or Other Paved Surfaces: Any private road, access drive, parking lot, alleyway, paved trail, sidewalk, ramp or paved surface that serves one (1) or more commercial property and is generally held open to the public for travel, when, as a result of damage or improper maintenance, the condition of the paved surface is likely to cause injury to any person or damage to property. Evidence of such damage or improper maintenance may include, but is not limited to, degradation of the driving or parking surface that is larger than thirty six (36) square inches with a depth greater than two inches (2"), or cracks or trip hazards in sidewalks or walking surfaces that are not in compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act. (Ord. 983, 6-21-2017)
   L.   Other Conditions: All other conditions or things which are liable to cause injury to the person or property of anyone. (Ord. 702, 7-18-2001)