The following are hereby declared to be nuisances affecting public morals and decency:
   A.   Gambling:
      1.   All gambling devices, slot machines and punchboards.
      2.   Betting, bookmaking and all apparatus used in such occupations.
   B.   Disorderly Houses: All houses kept for the purpose of prostitution or promiscuous sexual intercourse, gambling houses, houses of ill fame and bawdyhouses.
   C.   Obscene Publications: All indecent or obscene pictures, books, pamphlets, magazines and newspapers.
   D.   Profanity; Graffiti 1 : The public use of profane or obscene language, including, but not limited to, writing or printing in an area exposed to public view.
   E.   Improper Conduct Of Animals: All domestic animals in the act of copulation exposed to public view.
   F.   Illegal Liquor Establishments: All places where intoxicating liquors are manufactured, sold, bartered or given away in violation of law, or where persons are permitted to resort for the purpose of drinking such intoxicating liquors as a beverage, or where intoxicating liquors are kept for sale, barter or distribution in violation of law; and all liquors, bottles, kegs, pumps, bars and other property kept at and used for maintaining such a place.
   G.   Liquor Consumption In Public: The drinking of intoxicating liquor or nonintoxicating liquor on public streets or alleys.
   H.   Vehicles Used Inappropriately: Any vehicle used for the illegal transportation of intoxicating liquor, for promiscuous sexual intercourse or for any other immoral purpose or unlawful act. (1971 Code § 15-4)



1. See also title 5, chapter 7 of this code.