3-9-1: Definitions
3-9-2: Local Liquor Control Commissioner
3-9-3: License Required
3-9-4: Application; Submission Of List Of Members
3-9-5: Examination Of Applicant
3-9-6: Restrictions On Issuance
3-9-7: Termination Date
3-9-8: Renewal Of License
3-9-9: Conditions Of License
3-9-10: Proration Of Fees
3-9-11: Disposition Of Fees
3-9-12: License A Personal Privilege; Attachment, Transfer, Devolution; Renewals
3-9-13: Record Of Licenses To Be Kept
3-9-14: Classification Of Licenses; Fees
3-9-15: Sale To, Possession By And Responsibility For Minors
3-9-16: Permitted Possession And Consumption
3-9-17: Responsibility Of The Owner Or Occupant Of Premises
3-9-18: Peddling Of Alcoholic Liquor Prohibited
3-9-19: Sanitary Conditions Of Premises Used For Retail Sales
3-9-20: Health Of Retail Establishment Employees
3-9-21: Location Of Retail Establishments Restricted
3-9-22: Hours Of Business
3-9-23: Premises Not To Be Opened For Business During Hours Sale Is Prohibited; Exceptions
3-9-24: View Of Premises From Street
3-9-25: Sale To Intoxicated Persons And Habitual Drunkards
3-9-26: Happy Hours Prohibited
3-9-27: Possession Of Alcoholic Liquor In Vehicles
3-9-28: Open Container Prohibited
3-9-29: AWOL Device Prohibited
3-9-30: Prohibited Conduct On Licensed Premises
3-9-31: Server Training Requirements
3-9-32: Revocation Or Suspension Of License
3-9-33: Penalty