(A)   All members of the Fire Department shall have a full knowledge of, and abide by, the rules, regulations and policies for the government of the Department and it shall be the duty of the Fire Chief to ensure each member is informed.
   (B)   All officers and members of the Department are strictly forbidden to make purchases for the Department except as provided in § 35.22(S) or by direction of the Director of Public Safety, whose authority for such purchases shall be in writing. No firefighters shall they sell or give away any supplies or equipment of the Department or of the city without the consent of the Director of Public Safety.
   (C)   All personal vehicles going to or from an emergency must abide by all federal, state and local laws. Any member going to or coming from an emergency shall not behave in any way unbecoming a firefighter. It shall be the duty of any firefighter or aggrieved person to report such conduct to the Fire Chief.
   (D)   Any member of the Department having in his or her possession any property of the Fire Department or the city shall, on demand, return the same to the Fire Department or the city, and should he or she refuse, shall be subject to arrest and held until the property is returned.
   (E)   Members of the Fire Department who take equipment from engines trucks at emergency scenes shall notify the operator or officer in charge and shall return such equipment as soon as possible when done with the equipment. If the apparatus returns prior to the end of equipment use, it is the members responsibility to ensure the equipment is returned back to the appropriate apparatus in its proper place.
   (F)   In order to be eligible to display flashing or revolving blue lights on a private vehicle, the individual must be an active member of the Department, must receive approval from the Fire Chief and register with the state police prior to installation of such light. The light(s) shall be removed within ten days after termination of the person’s status as an active member or by an order by the Fire Chief. Permission to use such lights does not relieve the driver from the duty to drive with due regard for the safety of all persons and property. Prior to installing such light, the person shall become familiar with all state and local laws pertaining to the use of such lights. The use of sirens, flashing red or blue lights while returning from a call on apparatus or private vehicles is forbidden. All members using such equipment shall observe all other laws as described in the Motor Vehicle Code. The use of, and compliance with, all existing laws is mandatory. In order to ensure compliance, safety and avoid personnel conflicts, the Fire Chief will handle all complaints of reckless driving by citizens or members.
   (G)   All equipment used at emergencies shall be cleaned and returned to ready status immediately upon return from a call, ensuring all equipment is free from hazardous chemicals and grime. All damaged or missing equipment shall be reported to the Fire Chief or officer in charge immediately.
   (H)   All hose shall be thoroughly washed and cleaned after being used. Any damaged hose shall be reported to the Fire Chief or officer in charge immediately.
   (I)   It shall be the duty of all available members to respond with little delay upon receipt of emergency, and on arrival report to the officer in charge. Apparatus and members responding shall not return until told to do so by officer in charge.
   (J)   All member of the Department shall conduct all activities with the utmost safety, always keeping safety for all members and civilians they serve in mind. Any member who is found to be operating in a way that risk the safety of other members or citizens will be reported to the Fire Chief or officer in charge, who shall deal with the issue accordingly to ensure it does not reoccur.
   (K)   Any member of the Fire Department who may resign or leave the company for any reason whatsoever shall turn over to the proper officers all money, books, papers or other property of the city or company which he or she may have in his or her possession.
   (L)   All officers and members not on shift shall respond promptly to any call for any duty issued by the Chief or by his or her authority, or by a general alarm or call for a second alarm. Any full-time member of the paid Department known to have heard a general alarm and not responding shall be subject to discipline.
   (M)   All members, both career full-time and part-time (on or off duty) and volunteer, while in the Department buildings shall be responsible to keep the buildings clean and presentable.
   (N)   When answering an alarm outside the city limits, there will always remain at least one engine company available within the city. The Director of Public Safety or Fire Chief must approve any exception of this form policy.
   (O)   In cases of parades, training sessions, mutual aid drills and the like, no more than two trucks will be permitted outside the city at any one time and shall be approved by the Fire Chief and shall be approved by the Director of Public Safety, when beyond a 15-mile radius of the city.
   (P)   No information relating to the business, operations, or other affairs of the Department shall be disclosed or furnished to persons not connected with the Department. All information released to the media shall only be done by a Department news release issued by Director of Public Safety, officer in charge or his or her designee. Incident reports shall be issued according to standard operating procedure.
   (Q)   All members of the Department shall promptly report to the Chief if any municipal department, city employee or other individual has interfered or refused to cooperate with the work of the Department.
   (R)   All members of the Fire Department shall set an example in the matter of due regard and respect for the rules of discipline. Any infraction of regulations, neglect to enforce rules or orders or other acts of indifference that may tend to operate against the good reputation of the Fire Department will be considered as an aggravated offense and will be treated with corresponding severity.
   (S)    Officers shall attend at least 50% of Department trainings, maintain a call volume of 5% when available. Availability shall be pre-arranged. Any officer unable to meet these attendance requirements will be brought before the Fire Chief or Director of Public Safety.
   (T)   No member of the Fire Department shall respond to an emergency call in an intoxicated condition. Such person shall be immediately suspended from duty and shall remain suspended until otherwise notified by the Director of Public Safety.
   (U)   When any Department member, whether career or volunteer, shall be suspended from the service, he or she shall be notified in writing by Director of Public Safety, the Fire Chief or, in his or her absence, the officer in charge. He or she shall not attend any Department function, and shall turn over all Department equipment and cease to wear the uniform of the Department during the time of suspension. He or she shall also remove all red/blue lights from POV during that time.
   (V)   All members of the Fire Department must have their helmet, coat, boots and other issued equipment in readiness to wear, prepared to fight fire or any other emergency that might arise.
   (W)   All occupants on apparatus, whether driving or riding, will have seat belts fastened at all times while the vehicle is in motion. The driver of apparatus shall be in charge for all passengers and their safety while the vehicle is in motion. There will be no smoking in any city-owned vehicle.
   (X)   All members of the Fire Department shall read and become familiar with laws, ordinances, rules, SOPs, policies and general orders relating to the service.
   (Y)   The following are the signals to be used by the Department:
      (1)   First tap of an alarm:
         (a)   The duty firefighters and available personnel are to report; and
         (b)   The dispatch shall advise priority of response:
            1.   Priority 1 - an emergency response; or
            2.   Priority 2 - a non emergency response (no lights or sirens).
      (2)   On second tap of an alarm within the city or upon specific request of the officer in charge will initiate an automatic recall of all off-duty career firefighters and any volunteer who, with employer permission, can leave work.
   (Z)   Any Fire Department member in good standing who is employed by the city shall, upon second alarm, be released without penalty or lose of wage.
   (AA)   The Volunteer Fire Department of the city shall have and receive annually as full compensation for its services rendered or to be rendered such sum as may be appropriated for that purpose by the City Council. Such sum shall be for the use of said company to be disbursed as directed by the membership of the existing hose company.
   (BB)   The city agrees with and shall follow the prescribed incident command system as currently accepted practice within the emergency response community.
(Ord. 1591, passed 3-18-2019)